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Welcome to Attraction Japan – The Single Most Comprehensive Resource for Getting a Japanese Girlfriend. Ever.

There are a lot of aspects of being a man in his prime, but one of them is meeting, attracting, and keeping high-value women into your life. Unfortunately, this doesn’t come naturally to most men. If you’re anything like me, you realized at some point that there were the “cool guys” who seemed to effortlessly surround themselves with the most beautiful women around. And then… there was everybody else.

So since nothing was given to me, I learned it from the ground up. I unlearned the negative thought patterns and behaviors, I did away with weak body language and feminine voice tone. I got out on the streets and kicked my ass into action and reflection. And I got better.

But I was far from the first to do it.

In Japan, the art of talking to girls on the street is known as “Nanpa” (ナンパ)  and it’s been around since the Edo era. There were “hard” types (硬派 = hard faction), who were interested in athletics and politics, and “soft” types (軟派 = soft faction [nanpa]), who were hedonists, caring more about women and the more pleasurable aspects of life.

These days nanpa comes with a mostly negative connotation, but it remains something Japanese men try their hand at, often in their younger years and after a lively nomikai and some egging on from their male friends.

This site is a collection of lessons I’ve learned and wisdom I’ve accumulated putting in work on my thousand hours to mastery in the area of Japanese women. I’ve had a ton of struggles, pain, sweat, and tears in addition to the highs and successes next to me, and I my only hope at this point is to help guys achieve the success I achieved in an even shorter time.

I’ve had the blessing of having mentorship and guidance from some really great, successful guys. I made this website to provide the same kind of assistance for guys who are looking to get better at this. Hope you enjoy the content!

New? Start Here With a Few of My Best Posts

If you’re just starting out picking up girls in Japan, the first resource you should check out is my Ultimate Guide to Picking up Girls in Japan. It contains pretty much everything you need to know right off the bat and is a great foundation for your success  with women in Japan. If you read only one post about pickup in Japan, make it this one.

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If you want the down and dirty simple tips you can apply today to get a Japanese girlfriend, check out this post.

Once you’ve got some good ideas rolling, sign up for the totally free forums – The Playbook. It’s the most active PUA/pickup community in Japan

If you just want to read some crazy sexual exploits from an epic weekend picking up chicks, check out my Fukuoka excess field report.

Finally, if you like what you read here, check out our pickup courses. They’re tailored specifically to Japan, which means we don’t teach any old cookie cutter course. They are entirely about picking up girls in Japan, keeping them attracted, and turning them into your girlfriend – or whatever your goals may be.

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