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The Unstoppable Power of Self-Belief: The Mindset of a Champion

Mindset of a Champion

People with conviction can move mountains.

1. Donald Trump

Let’s put personal politics aside for a second – I don’t care whether you support Donald Trump or not, and what I’m going to say isn’t necessarily an endorsement of him either. In the recent American election, we saw Donald Trump absolutely lambasted by the media. They tore him apart day in and day out – even traditionally conservative media outlets which should have been supporting the Republican nominee like Fox News regularly tore him a new one. Remember when Paul Ryan said he would never support or work with Trump? Remember when Trump insulted Ted Cruz’s wife and Cruz said there’s no way Trump would be the nominee? Trump made both of them his bitches. They both submitted to the unstoppable force that was Trump. And yet they, who had opposed him, rode the wave of success Trump brought in the election – Republicans now control the House, the Senate, and the presidency.  

Say what you will about his brash and offensive nature, he most certainly calls his shots. He’s uncouth but self-assured. He may be rough around the edges with no political filter at all, but he rode his confidence to victory. He told people, over and over, exactly what he was going to do: become president. And everybody else? His opponents, from Cruz to Clinton, focused on him. Donald Trump proved that one man with a strong vision can beat out an ENTIRE establishment – both would-be allies, competitors, and supposedly neutral media – just with the power of his belief in himself. While most of the world and certainly a great deal of political minds in the US despise him, do you think he really cares as he unpacks his bags inside the White House?

2. Conor McGregor

Ever since joining the UFC, Conor McGregor has been focused on getting a belt and being the best. Not on beating any particular opponent. Getting a belt, and taking over. He famously said, “We are not here to take part, we’re here to take over.” People watched as he climbed the ranks of the featherweight division, famously calling the round and method by which he would knock his opponents out – and then doing it. People doubted, they shook their heads, they said he was an asshole who hadn’t fought anybody skilled. And he did it over and over, humiliating the guys at the top of divisions. In interviews, press conferences, and weight-ins he consistently got into his opponent’s mind and was the most certain person in the room. You could see the fear in the eyes of his opponents, the self-doubt creeping up in them no matter how much they try to stuff it back inside of them and present a tough facade. Meanwhile, a calm confidence emanated from Conor, he simply exudes power and strength. Fighters withdrew from fights for this reason or that, and those who did face him fell. Now he is the first simultaneous two-division champion the sport has ever had.

This video points out some of his mentality and philosophy, a powerful mindset which is the genesis of a champion. Have a look:

Isn’t that epic? And he’s totally right. Both with fighting and with pickup, the opponent is an illusion. The real opponent is you… The only one who can stop you is the guy in the mirror.

Both Donald Trump and Conor McGregor had doubters and haters in abundance. If you don’t have doubters and haters, you’re probably not trying hard enough at what you do. But you are DOOMED if you are your own doubted and hater. Love yourself. Believe in yourself. Create an unstoppable mentality, decide your goals, and go out and achieve them. It doesn’t matter if you’re not there yet, you will get there, even if everybody is against you and doesn’t believe you. But self-doubt is a virus that will erode your dreams away from you.

3. Tony Robbins

One last example. Tony Robbins, who I’m sure you all know, started out as a janitor. He talks about how he’d pump himself into state to create that mindset of a champion within himself. He used incantations – pumping himself and his body up to recreate a powerful mindset and achieve certainty and force of will. Have a look:

Did you catch that? Tony says,

When two people meet. If there’s rapport, the person who is most certain will always influence the other person.

Tony Robbins

Powerful, isn’t it? Starting out with pickup and game, you might be unsure of the right course of action. You might second-guess yourself, or wonder what you can do to “get the girl” in this situation or that. You might think of things as “shit tests” and wonder how to “beat them.” But this is the worst mindset to have. Instead, pick one course of action and stick to it. It matters less what that choice is, and more that you stick to it and are certain – that’s the real way to deal with shit-tests and objections. Pave the path to success with right action, then push towards it with singleminded strength of will and supreme confidence. Pump yourself up by engaging your whole body, voice, and mind towards your purpose and you will not fail.

One thing, probably the single biggest barrier I almost always see inside of guys who are trying at this and not getting success is doubt. Somewhere, deep inside of themselves, they don’t believe they deserve success. They don’t WANT the success. It sounds very strange and counter-intuitive. How is it possible that guys who spend tons of time doing, thinking about, learning pickup don’t want to succeed? These are guys who are out on the streets, talking about game, posting in forums, worrying about it, asking for advice, etc.

The simple fact of the matter is that the self-image they have created doesn’t allow for their success. They have built a self-image upon their lack of success, and they seek data to reinforce and confirm that image. Well, if your self-image is based upon a lack of success, guess what will happen to you?

So take a minute right now and stop whatever you’re doing.

Breathe deeply. Posture up straight. Engage your body. Wave your arms and legs around a bit. Let out a primal scream. Get your blood flowing and your limbs tingling. Then focus. Imagine – what would your life FEEL like if you had the success with women you desire? How would these women be treating you if they craved your affection? What would they do? How would they try to impress you and monopolize your attention? Would you get tired of their constant messages? Would you have tough choices to make as to who to spend time with on your birthday or valentines day? What would it feel like to wake up next to model-quality girls and see them without make-up, or heading to take a shit on your toilet? How would you message girls if you just finished banging your “10” fifteen minutes ago and she was coming back from the bathroom for round 2 next? How would you treat dates if you didn’t particularly care about sleeping with the girl, but just thought it might be kinda fun?

Embody these feelings. Really FEEL them. Expect them. Hold your head up. Then go approach. Or message. Or meet your date. Or pull home.

Don’t wonder how to get success, or what you’re doing wrong. Expect success, and it will come.

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