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Same Night Orgy: Pull More Than One Girl!

orgy orgies SNO

Been going for these (same night orgies) a lot recently, and people have been messaging me asking me to write up a guide for this so here goes: How to pull more than one girl with a wing and have an orgy and how to avoid common pitfalls on the way. Why

2 More Orgies and a Busy Weekend

Get Orgies

The past two weekends have been busy.. more orgies! Saturday morning (10/10) I bought a pumpkin with my buddy TT. We ran around being idiots and filming various things with the pumpkin. I jumped up on a large stone and did the ‘Lion King’, raising the pumpkin above my head and

Pickup in Fukuoka: Sexual Excess

Girl from Fukuoka

Thursday 4/30  Libido and I set off for Fukuoka heads full of rumors of Scoot, camped in thunderstorms. The vanguard had been besieged. Forecast said heavy rain, so we decided to look for a hotel rather than use our three camping hammocks. Golden week had everything booked up, but we were