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Podcast #2 – Journey from Shy & Nervous to Game BEAST W/ Goshujin

Hey there everybody. Today we have a very special treat.   Goshujin, one of my closest friends and wings, wasn't always an absolute BEAST of game. Actually, when I met him he was PARALYZED by approach anxiety and he had perhaps one of the worst performances on his bootcamp I've ever seen in terms

Guest Post: Picking up Singaporean Girls

[Today I have a treat for you guys, a guest post from J.D. over at The Social Lifestyle, a Singapore-based site offering lots of great content of self-improvement and game in Singapore! I came across his site and loved the content, so I think you will too. Check it out if

Same Night Orgy: Pull More Than One Girl!

orgy orgies SNO

Been going for these (same night orgies) a lot recently, and people have been messaging me asking me to write up a guide for this so here goes: How to pull more than one girl with a wing and have an orgy and how to avoid common pitfalls on the way. Why

Never Get Rejected Again

     Are you wondering how to avoid rejection and never get rejected for the rest of your pickup and dating career? The way to do this is simple. It just requires a shift in your thinking.      Guys at looking from the outside in or from a beginner point

I Want to Learn Pickup But…

Worried about pickup

Guys just starting out with pickup have lots of questions, worries, and fears. This is totally normal. Pickup isn't the easiest thing to get into, and much like public speaking, guys feel like the spotlight is on them. However, in reality, you have nothing to lose.   I've heard just about every