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What Girls Think When You Nanpa Them


Many of you guys are curious about Japanese nanpa, and how it may be similar or different from Western game. "How do I nanpa Japanese girls on the street" is still one of the most common questions I get asked. Luckily for you, we focus on this very technique! It always

Picking up Japanese Girls: The Best Place

picking up Japanese girls

So you've decided to approach women and you're wondering about the pros and cons of each venue/arena of pickup in Japan. Picking up Japanese girls can be significantly easier if you know where to go. Picking up girls you haven't met before, or "cold-approach" is known in Japanese as ナンパ, or

I Want to Learn Pickup But…

Worried about pickup

Guys just starting out with pickup have lots of questions, worries, and fears. This is totally normal. Pickup isn't the easiest thing to get into, and much like public speaking, guys feel like the spotlight is on them. However, in reality, you have nothing to lose.   I've heard just about every