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Single-Day Seminar:

Dating and Relating


So you’ve met that girl and the interaction went tolerably well, and now you’re staring at her LINE profile apprehensively, wondering “What now?”

In a fast-paced dating environment like modern Tokyo, attractive women are bombarded with millions of propositions before they can even finish their morning coffee. By the end of the day there’s barely a second to spare for that newly-acquired pile of crisp cream-and-eggshell business cards before shrugging and tossing them all in the trash. It’s not that credentials don’t matter – they do. But no matter who you are, you need to be able to cut through the noise and make sure that when she kicks her feet up at the end of the day, the thought of you takes her away from her worries and into her fantasy rather than back to the grey zone of predictable responses and one-note suitors she’s seeking to escape.

Cross-cultural relationships have always been tricky, but in the current age of dating apps and instant matches, it’s easy to think that more – or less – is being communicated than it really is. If you’ve ever found yourself wrapping up yet another date and wondering why it didn’t turn out the way you wanted (if you even had a clear plan in the first place!), we’re here to tell you that things are both more complicated and simpler than you might have imagined. So, if you’re:

    * struggling to keep your interest afloat when talking to girls who give their hobbies as “watching TV” and “Disney”

    * finding it difficult to relate to the concerns of competent career women and wondering what you can offer them

    * unsure whether her response is just polite “tatemae” or real attraction

    * having a hard time getting to the bottom of who she really is

    * spinning your wheels in boring and all-too-familiar conversation loops that interest neither you nor her

    * unaware of what is “normal” among Japanese couples in terms of behavior and conversational content

    * lost as to where to actually take your date, and how to escalate things

    * feeling paralyzed by things you “should” or “shouldn’t” talk about on dates

    * anxious as to how to move things to the “next level”

    * troubled that Japanese women seem to cut contact following the first date, regardless of whether it seemed like a success or not

then we know where you’re coming from. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by cultural differences when the object of your affections doesn’t seem to be shouldering her share of the conversational burden. Japanese girls aren’t always the most expressive, but there are better and worse ways to relate to them. We aren’t here to load you up with an arsenal of cheap phrasebook gags or tell you to adopt some pseudo-charismatic personality that leaves both you and her feeling cheap by the morning sunlight. We know that while Japanese girls are often intrigued by the novelty value of foreign men, it isn’t always clear how to turn that into real personal interest. To succeed, you’ll need something more than the same tired conversational threads you’re liable to overhear from every other underachieving foreigner at an international party. We’ve seen the limitations faced by most foreigners in Japan, and know that even those with significant worldly accomplishments often find themselves struggling to connect with the most desired and discerning beauties. Texting and dating can feel like work, but a clear path to success exists. Through years of experience we’ve worked out the best ways to connect with Japanese women, and now we want to share this information with you. In our special one day seminar, we’ll teach you:

Eliciting Values. What are her priorities in life and what is she looking for? How can we effectively mine information from someone who seemingly provides so little content (hint: she’s giving you TONS)? Separate yourself from the crowd by quickly showing you understand where she’s coming from, regardless of your differing origins.

Cutting Deeper. Learn why most guys fail to communicate what really matters, and how to avoid their critical mistakes. Short-cut your way to what’s really important to her, rather than wasting time with unfocused chit-chat.

Japanese Conversational Style. Is your banter failing to hit home? What is the role played by “aizuchi,” and why do you NEED to know it? Recognize that your conditioned responses might not be appropriate to give her what she wants.

Planning an Effective Date Course. How to select time and venue for maximum impact. Then, learn to modulate productive tension over the course of a date to sustain her interest and keep her wanting more. How to build investment so that the first date won’t be the last.

Emotional Leading. How both the content and tone of your conversation directly guides the interaction. How to guide the conversations through ups, downs, highs and lows, while still being true to yourself. How how you say something matters more than what you say.

The 3 Layers of Conversation. Why most guys are stuck on the surface level, why women operate on a different level, and how to access the lower two levels to expand the depth of your interactions.

Escalation.  How to establish your sexuality with effective sub-communications. Learn ways to make your meaning clear without having to be explicit, then transition smoothly to the bedroom.

We’ve worked our way through hundreds of dates with women from every stratum of Japanese society to condense this knowledge to its core components. Needless to say, we’ve been on more humiliatingly embarrassing dates than you might care to imagine! But it’s precisely because of our extensive, soul-crushing failures that we are well equipped to analyze our own past mistakes – so you never have to repeat them. Similarly, we’ll teach you what we’ve proved to work time and again, so you can make it your own and work it into your own individual style.

Over the course of a single day, we will take you through all the most common face-palm moments of dates and show you easy-to-implement methods to avoid similar pitfalls yourself. You will have a chance to try out new findings immediately by applying them in real-time on practice dates and conversation sessions. Throughout the day, we will be assisted by a variety of Japanese women from all walks of life, for real-time feedback on approaches and conversational styles. The women who will join us – who we have hand-picked for their knowledge of dating and experience brushing off men with weak game – will provide in-depth analyses from their perspective, which we’ll then qualify with our own insights, giving an unbeatable two-pronged approach. You’ll get:

    * information on specific demographics, ranging from university students to office ladies to hostesses and other night workers

    * a detailed fashion breakdown


    * written feedback on your manner and specific conversational style, including which modes of interaction you should focus on or develop more

    * a no-holds-barred Q&A session, to find out what you’ve always wanted to know but were too afraid to ask.

Our one day seminar is the best chance for everyone to improve their dating success in Japan – and keep the women hooked and coming back for more. The best part of it is there are no parlor tricks or gimmicks. We aren’t here to change you or try to get you to live your life in some unnatural or new way – the women you will end up attracting will be precisely to your standards, and attracted to you for the right reasons. They will be impressed that you have set yourself above and beyond the competition and chosen to relate to them in a way few men ever will.

For this special event, there is NO FIXED PRICE – in other words, this event is functionally free to attend, although we ask you to contribute however much value you think you got from it, in accordance with your means. We work hard to make this as intense, relevant, and empirically field-tested as possible, but we’re less concerned with turning a profit than with providing tons of value and paying back to the foreign community in Japan.


-Experienced instructors

-Detailed presentations

-Japanese girls providing you feedback

-real-life examples of successful LINE and email conversations

-Top mistakes to avoid

-Conversational practice

-A good time was had by all

-You pay what you think it’s worth

See you there!

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