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Picking up Japanese Girls: The Best Place

picking up Japanese girls

So you’ve decided to approach women and you’re wondering about the pros and cons of each venue/arena of pickup in Japan. Picking up Japanese girls can be significantly easier if you know where to go. Picking up girls you haven’t met before, or “cold-approach” is known in Japanese as ナンパ, or Nanpa Here is my take:



  • Hottest girls with the widest variety of types (you get more than just party girls, you get everything!
  • Usually don’t have to worry about other dudes/competition
  • Girls are often by themselves
  • Don’t need to worry about high energy on the open
  • Free
  • Huge volume – hard to get more practice anywhere else
  • Don’t have to be around alcohol or tobacco smoke



  • Lots of blowouts
  • Girls sometimes are in a rush/have things to do
  • Can be hard to keep up excitement without an exciting environment (like a bar/club)


This venue teaches you: Reaction speed, fast approach. Not being phased by blowouts. To cut deep quickly and make a strong impression. Low energy, chill opening. Screening for logistics quickly.


Personal opinion: Picking up Japanese girls on the street is king. For those without the cash to buy access (VIP, exclusive clubs, high level goukons, etc), you can meet those same girls walking around their day. High quality, in looks and personality. Even if you have the cash to buy access, street is a great way to hone your skills so that when you do have the access to those chicks, you have the ability to actually attract and pull them. If you like party girls, street at night is great too, you can just redirect them from being on their way to the club to your house!

Social Circle


  • Super easy, girls are friendly from the beginning, you come pre-selected, etc


  • Low volume (and unless you’re a promoter, college student, have really cool friends, etc, not the best quality usually)
  • Can’t really hook up with tons of chicks and expect the social circle to keep providing


This venue teaches you: Not shitting where you eat, providing value to everyone


Personal opinion: Social circle is awesome if you have the right one, but its usually too small to support mass approaches and bangs. If you can create a social circle full of club promoters, DJs, fashion producers, TV/media execs, Talent agents, Photographers, etc, that would probably be the ideal game situation. You have to be helping them out too, though. Unless you have a lot of Japanese friends, picking up Japanese girls through social circle will require a lot of effort first building the right kind of social circle.

Bar / Club


  • Lots of DTF girls
  • Can preselect by venue (for b-kei, foreigner friendly, golddigging, young, etc)
  • Fun (for some people) to be there regardless of girls
  • Girls don’t have anything to do for the night besides have fun


  • Have to deal with the girl’s friends
  • Have to deal with other dudes
  • Have to deal with lockers, taxis, and more logistics
  • Expensive
  • You tend to only meet party girls who are more likely to be playing around all the time and drinking like sailors


This venue teaches you: Pulling hard, leading, physicality, instant sexuality


Personal opinion: I love night game. Picking up Japanese girls during the night is probably the easiest for quick sex, but maybe not the best quality. Hurts the wallet though, so do more bar and late-night street rather than club.




  • Can do in your underwear / on the toilet / whenever. Easy to spam lots of girls.


  • Low quality (both looks and personality), low returns per time invested, huge oversaturation of competition, don’t get better at actually talking to girls until one comes out


This venue teaches you: Text game / getting a girl who knows nothing about you to come out on a date


Personal opinion: Huge waste of time for sub-par girls. I’ve seen good looking white guys get success from online game though, but thats not me


Cafe / Restaurants



  • In cafes, girls are at least going to be there for a few minutes.
  • You can do work or read while you wait for girls there, or alternatively just swing through and see if there’s anyone in there, if not, just go to another cafe without buying anything
  • High-quality girls hang out in cafes


  • More “fake” interactions – Girls are locked in and thus “have to” at least kind of put up with you for a while
  • Low volume
  • You have to buy something


This venue teaches you: How to be chill and innocuous.


Personal opinion: Picking up Japanese girls in a cafe can be done. I don’t do too much cafe / restaurant game unless I’m already in one and see a nice girl, then I’ll approach. But neither waiting around for girls nor just swinging through lots of cafes appeals much to me when I can just be on a high-volume street instead.


Final opinion: Street really is the king for picking up Japanese girls, and both for getting your skills up and actually finding the best chicks. It’s hard to beat the trifecta of free, hottest girls, and massive volume. That said, I think that you should get comfortable with them ALL because the skills you learn in one arena (for example, club game) have a positive reflective effect on your game as a whole, in other arenas, and on dates.

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