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Attraction Japan Youtube – Infield Pickup of Girls in Shibuya

Guys.. I’m excited. Attraction Japan Youtube is officially live!


For the first time ever you can see me, Sinapse, picking up Japanese girls on the streets of Japan. Ever wondered what good game looks like in Japan? Want to see how I go about picking up girls in Shibuya (and anywhere)? Now you can see for yourself!


Here’s the infield footage:


And here’s a video of me talking about a commonly discussed topic (myth?) of J-girls: Are Japanese girls easy?? See my take on the subject.



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3 thoughts on “Attraction Japan Youtube – Infield Pickup of Girls in Shibuya

  1. Hi Sinapse, I just came across this video, and it’s really helpful. I’m currently in Yokohama, and would like to know how to pick up a girl as someone who speaks barely any Japanese. Maybe a sentence or two at the most. What would be your suggestions?

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