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How to Get Good at Pickup, Fast

You want to be good. I get it. You want to learn quickly. You want to slice a chunk off your learning curve. And those things CAN be done. But neglect the basics at your own risk. Read advanced techniques about orgies or SNLs, but never ever forgo the basics. The basics are the fundamental building blocks of your game, and if you truly want to excel at meeting, attracting, and keeping Japanese girls, you have to have a strong foundation. People often want a magic pill or some grand new routine which is going to get them over the hump or plateau that they’re on. But really the best way to get good is to hammer in the basics until they’re coming out your ears.

What are the basics?

You really want to know how to get good at pickup? It’s not as glamorous as talking about hat tricks or SNLs in the club bathroom. Here it is. Strengthen your basics. They are your foundation. Without good fundamentals, you’re a glass gamer, a gimmick factory, a charlatan. Even guys who think they are beyond the basics should probably revisit them. Advanced gamers included. I am constantly evaluating and returning to the basics. A constant vigilant awareness of your foundation is crucial to developing the rock-solid game to whether the storm of whatever tests and emotions the girl might throw at you. Have a weak base and you can bet she will detect it and you’ll be left out in the cold. The flashiest pickup material is often the least practical, the cherry on the top of the sundae, the antennae on the skyscraper. Without the base, it’s nothing.

Right Action

-Right action is your North star. It is the guiding light when all seems lost on the path. You take right action because you are crafting yourself into the man you wish to be. Not taking right action means slipping into mediocrity, comfort, boredom, and dissatisfaction.

-As long as you’re not hurting anybody, there’s nothing wrong with what you are doing. Make the move first, worry about the perception later. Approach first, worry about people seeing you later. Kiss her first, worry about her rejecting it later.

Body Language

-Assured and confident

-Slow movements

-Open, erect posture (expose your heart and groin region)

-Occupy space

Eye Contact

-Make eye contact

-Use attention as a reward

-Tighten eyes when smiling

-Raise eyebrows when questioning


-Always lead the interaction, as much as possible

-Choose the venue

-Follow your agenda non-reactively

-Go for what you want

Control Your Emotions

-Be the source of your own emotions

-Don’t get angry or lash out at the girl (this is usually just your ego talking)

-Generate a wide range of emotional moods throughout the conversation


-You are the buyer, know your worth

-People with success go into a potential relationship to see what they can offer or exchange, not what they can take or “get away with.” Offer value, with no expectation of anything in return.

-You want to let her into your kingdom, but no subject will join if you don’t value them

Your results

So what do I do?


Results from 20% of your effort


Results from 80% of your effort

You want results, fast? I hear you. Don’t we all. The way to get them is hammer in the fundamentals until you think you might go silly. They say 20% of the effort leads to 80% of the results. In pickup, that means the fundamentals listed above. You are NEVER too good, or “beyond” the basics.


Always check for weaknesses in these areas first, because I guarantee you they will mess you up more than any routine or flashy “kino escalation” will.

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