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How to Get a Date with a Japanese Girl

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Guys who are out there approaching are often still frustrated when they can’t get a date with a Japanese girl. Seemingly positive reactions and promises to text you and come on a date end up with nothing but radio silence when days are proposed.


How do you flip it around so the girl wants to come on the date with you? There are a lot of small things you can do in your first interaction and over text to make the girl come out more reliably, but today I’m going to focus on making things simple for you on your initial interaction.


Most people have heard the phrase “Curiosity killed the cat.” I love cats, and had a bunch as a kid, but it wasn’t until I was heavily involved in game that I started to realize that dogs are like men, and cats are like women. Dogs are pretty simple. They want affection and to play, now. They are down for playing, pretty much anywhere, any time. Cats are a little more mysterious. They are highly curious, independent, a bit selfish, and not starved for your attention. In fact, it seems like when you want to pet your cat, the cat is either nowhere to be found, or runs away. If the cat wants to be pet, it will come to you and rub against you. And sometimes, the cat has no idea what it wants – it’s not sure if it wants to be inside or out.


Women are exactly like this. How to get them to come out? Make them curious. If they know too well that you like them and are going to try to have sex with them, there’s no mystery. The interaction is transparent and it will be boring. Similarly, if you have a long, rambling interaction about something dull, she will quickly lose interest and not want to come out.


So how do you build curiosity to the point where she wants to come out? You want her to think “I wonder what would happen…” You do this by being irreverent, random, and emotionally leading. You don’t want to get stuck into any pattern of interaction or vibe for too long. Get itchy feet. If you are in a sad mood for too long, shift it to something happy or light, and vice versa. Say random things that don’t make much sense.. for example “You are a giraffe and I’m a zebra.” Then try to explain the reason why to her. “Because I like trees and you like hanging out with your friends and all wearing the same clothing”. It doesn’t matter what you say, but the point is that it’s silly and random, and she could never predict it.


The opposite would be asking the typical boring questions like “Where do you work.” “What are your hobbies.” “What kind of music do you like.” etc. She’s heard these a million times and they aren’t going to spike her interest.

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The other caution is in coming on too strong. You don’ t want to come on super directly and make it clear to her that sex will happen or that you find her attractive. She should never really know for sure (but suspect, at least) that you find her physically attractive until your penis is inside of her! The “curiosity” is her wondering both what you might say next, and what will happen if she comes out on a date (or goes with you home). The movie has its ups and downs, and she wants to see the end. If a movie is flat or boring, you don’t really care about the end, you’ll just change the channel.


If you manage to get the girl to come out on a date by flipping the scripts and getting her chasing, the next step is to try to have better dates with Japanese girls. As you improve your dating abilities, you will be able to lead interactions more consistently to sex.


Finally, how to retain girls you bang? If you’re all fun and too wild, she won’t necessarily be satisfied after the experience, and you won’t be getting a call back. If you cut deep with her, elicit her values, qualify them against your own values, and affirm her deep sense of self, she will feel satisfied on a deep level. Combine this with giving her really great sex, and she will be physically satisfied too.


Most of the people know only the first half of the quote, but did you know there’s a second half that totally changes the meaning?


“Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.”

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