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Pickup in Fukuoka: Sexual Excess

Girl from Fukuoka

Thursday 4/30 

Libido and I set off for Fukuoka heads full of rumors of Scoot, camped in thunderstorms. The vanguard had been besieged. Forecast said heavy rain, so we decided to look for a hotel rather than use our three camping hammocks. Golden week had everything booked up, but we were lucky enough to get there on Thursday around noon, which was before the biggest rush. We booked a room near the Nakasu Don Quixote, then headed out and hit up Tenjin station for some evening game. The station is huge, similar in some ways to Shinjuku with long underground malls. We walked all around it, in and under cracking onto whichever girls piqued our interest. On our way to a toilet break in some depachika, we walk to the bathroom down an alley with a divider sectioning off a Tokyo Soup Stock restaurant. Above the chairs and people eating is a huge boar painting and I exclaim “いのししだ!” quite loudy, and I everyone in the restaurant looks up at me. I notice one girl sitting down directly under the painting, looks cute and reacts slightly in a way which I knew I could hook her. After I use the bathroom, I went back out and started talking to the girl over the divider that designates the restaurant. I tell her I’m in from Tokyo and just hanging out for a few days. She’s already finished eating and I suggest we have a beer, having noticed some nice import beers in the store right across from the restaurant. I motion for her to grab her stuff and come out of the restaurant and I’ll meet her in front of that store. She agrees, packs up, comes out, and I grab us two beers. We have a seat outside and drink and get to know each other a bit. The sun’s setting so we head over back to Nakasu, about a ten to fifteen minute walk. I stop by the conbini and grab us a couple chu-his. She hasn’t mentioned any objections and has been following the whole way happily. I take her straight into my hotel and she comes in without complaint, we go upstairs, have a drink and I escalate to sex. Its around 7:30pm, and I message Libido and Scoot that I’ll be back out soon.
Fukuoka has many more yatai all around the city, which I’m a big fan off because I love street food, and miss having it in Tokyo. We meet up and stop at a sidewalk shack restaurant and have some hakata ramen and meat. Back out on the streets, we crack onto more sets in Tenjin, but things are getting quieter so we decide to head back to Nakasu to hit up some kyaba wandering around the Donki area. Crossing the bridge over into Nakasu, I open a girl who has just finished her shift at a restaurant. I speak one word to her and she veers sharply away. The sidewalk is quite wide, and by the road there are a line of planters and a thin curb. She walks on the outside of the planters, on the very thin curb, right next to the cars while meekly answering my questions. She says “kowai” and I tell her she shouldn’t be afraid of all foreigners! After a few seconds of talking she calms down, asks me some questions, and comes back onto the main part of the sidewalk and we talk a bit. I find out shes a music producer which I think is pretty cool. I suggest we go back to the Nakasu side of the bridge and grab a drink. We sip a chu hi from Family Mart and hang out right by the river for the duration of the drink. Once finished, I tell her lets go, and direct her. We once again walk right up into the hotel, she follows me in without noticeable objection. After I escalate, she asks if I like her, and that she only does it with people she likes. I tell her of course I like her but since I live in Tokyo, I dont know how much I’ll see her, and but tonight I’m here. I slide her pants off and we bang. I make some green tea after sex because the chu-his are starting to add up, but I still want to get back on the streets and talk to some actual kyaba, who will be getting off work soon. Alas, the sex and alcohol lulls me to sleep around midnight. I wake up in the morning around 7am and Libido is still out kicking sets. I fall back asleep and he comes back around 9am. The man has crazy stamina.

Friday 5/1

I wake up a bit disappointed I didn’t get to kick game around 1-3am (and beyond), when the kyaba were all getting off work. Unlike in Shinjuku or other major red light districts in Tokyo, there aren’t hordes of salarymen, tourists, scouts, nampa dudes, Nigerians, and all manner of other people mixed in with the kyaba and girls bar girls. In Nakasu, it’s basically only the kyaba, none of the other people. An extreme concentration of hotness, walking around, and our hotel was smack in between their clubs and their apartments. Libido had funny stories of all his night full of exploits and I vowed to stay out longer next night.
I head over the the large central park where Scoot has set up his hobo camp. I meet him by a huge lake and we set up our hammocks and take a nap in the park. We eat, walk around a bit, then meet up with Libido back at the hotel. I have to meet my friend visiting from the US around 8pm at Hakata station, so we all head over there, pick him up, get him in a hotel, then head out for the night with a late start, maybe around 9pm. We’re going nuts in sets in the Tenjin area. One blonde I open is walking to meet her friend and we get to chatting. I talk with her, we grab a drink at the conbini, have a seat, and I meet her friend, a funny 20 year old chick who’s working the streets for an izakaya. I win the friend over as we chill and have drinks in the street, which frees HB Blonde to come with me back on the now-familiar walk over to Nakasu. Same pattern, we walk right to our hotel, but this time Libido has taken a chick up to the room. I tell him to either escalate and bang his chick or let me use the room to pull my chick. He comes out shortly after, mentioning she was resisting a bit and he knew I was waiting. Selfless dude! I told him not to worry about my set next time, I can hold the chick and just talk with her until he’s finished with his.
I head into the room, escalate to sex and just chill with the girl for a couple hours, and we bang three times. We talk a lot and she tells me she has a boyfriend, but he decided to go out without her tonight. I like this chick the most of the three so far, and if I was in Tokyo I’d just keep her in until morning and bang her many more times, but the epic trip calls, and the adventure that awaits outside lures me out again to reunite with the three others.
We taxi over to the club, called “Cats” near Oyafukudori, just north of Tenjin station and still in walking distance to our hotel. We go inside and approach everything, dance and act silly. For a Friday night there were many people, but the quality wasn’t significantly better than Tokyo. Libido and I found ourselves in set with a two girls. We danced, picked them up, and generally messed about with them before it was clear we could take them home. We take them outside and downstairs, where we shuttle them into a taxi and back to our hotel room. We play a drinking game, which was probably unnecessary but got things a bit sexual and some clothes off. We each escalate on our respective girls, and then switch and bang the other one for a while. After we were finished, we decide we need some silly hats and snacks and head across the street to Donki. The girls follow us for a bit, but eventually understand we’re doing something else now.. namely, running around like madmen in cowboy hats eating dried mangoes and talking to everybody in sight. The girls take off and we continue, trying to find whoever was around at that time, around 5am.
We crack into two sexy kyabajo who were wandering around doing some sort of video live-cast to all their friends. Their friends could comment and post on the video in real time. We opened the girls, in essence in front of whoever was watching on camera. I gave mine a crazy running piggy back ride and we won the girls over. Got beverages and brought them up into our hotel room. Inside, we messed around with them and I escalated on mine, kissing her neck. She was alternating between saying “Let’s go home” and “Ooh that feels nice”. Her friend said “I’m not doing this in front of my friend!” Eventually we can’t crack the resistance, and they decide to leave. We discuss how we probably could have divided them up and banged them separately if we had another room or pulled one into the bathroom. We shrug and head back out, determined to find whatever human remnants existed in the early morning light.
I find and open a Chinese girl in Donki, who had apparently just finished with work. I ramble on at her and talk endlessly about Fukuoka, cowboy hats, Toshiro Mifune, and eggs and bacon. I convince her to have a beverage, and bounce her to my hotel. I realize that Libido is already inside with his chick but, flush from confidence in having just pulled off a foursome, we try to do it again with two girls who are strangers to each other. I’m trying to escalate with my chick and he with his, but they after a few minutes they spook and both take off. Damn! I leave with mine back outside, and she asks me to walk her home. I tell her I’m hungry and she offers to cook for me if I come over. I gladly agree and she buys some eggs and bacon in Donki, and pays for the taxi home. She starts cooking and I’m taking her clothes off as she makes me breakfast. She resists playfully but lets her underwear come off. We eat, and I escalate further. I’m fingering her and shes half enjoying, half resisting. I take off my pants and she says do you have a condom? I check my pocket but somehow the mass of condoms I had bought earlier in the day are gone. I must have taken them out for the foursome. I ask her “Do you? You do right?” She starts rummaging randomly around her room for condoms. I’m just sitting, waiting, and after a while she deliberately goes over to one drawer and pulls out a small bag and hands me a condom. This whole time I’m sure she knew exactly where they were, but she was just pretending to “look for them”. I put on the condom but its a suffocatingly small Japanese condom and it takes me forever and I’m losing my erection. She goes back and hands me an L size one! Hehe, this girl is prepared. Thats good! I have sex with her for a bit, and then suddenly, after maybe ten minutes she says “Ouch stop!”. And pushes me off her. I tell her fine, just give me a blow job then. She complains about the taste of the condom, so I take it off. She sucks me off a bit, takes a swig of water, and rinses my dick with it by sucking it with the water still in my mouth. This is a new and exciting feeling but she stops shortly and says she’s not going to do it anymore. I have blue balls a bit and I say “Okay, that’s cool, but other guys might be quite angry if you stop halfway.”
I think she misinterprets me here, and she starts talking about calling some yakuza over, saying “You wanna see a bad guy? I can call some over.”
I’m not really sure where this is coming from. Such a quick turnaround! I just tell her “Yeah, okay whatever, I’m leaving now.”
As I’m putting on my shoes and walking out the door she says “Don’t come back again, if you do I’ll …..”
I smile and say of course I’m not coming back, and close the door before she can finish her threat. I leave and wander around trying to find a familiar landmark as I don’t have a phone. People are directing me back and forth and nobody seems to know where Nakasu is so I jump into a taxi and head back to the hotel. It’s about 10am now. Four SNLs in one day! Im tired  [ks-guruguru]

Saturday 5/2

We check out at 11am and decide to make our way to Nagasaki to see Gunkanjima, the Battleship Island and meet up with S-chan, a kyaba who lives in Tokyo but is originally from Nagasaki. S-chan has a tendency to pay for everything, and always wants to meet up with me so she happily arranged her schedule so she’d be in Nagasaki when we were. We bus over and arrive several hours later. We check out Chinatown and Libido and I are dead tired after having slept only a couple hours, but S-chan wants to go drinking so we agree and she takes us to a kyabakura. She wants to just hang out and let us have a good time drinking with the girls. Libido and Scoot are joking around with the chicks flipping the tables. Libido lets out a large sigh. Scoot says “帰ろうかな~”. They erupt in laughter at the reversal of the normal situation. “また今度、会ったら” “ごめん、用事ある”
It actually is time to go, and we laugh our way out the kyaba and back onto the street where we wander around. It’s absurdly quiet for a Saturday night, and we’ve seen nothing but herds of dudes prowling around. Everything abundant and amazing about Fukuoka is the opposite in Nagasaki – no girls besides a couple working the shops, lots of dudes, salarymen, touts, etc.
We call it a night and I go back and crash in S-chan’s hotel. The other two pitch hammocks in a park.

Sunday 5/3

Next day we head out to Gunkanjima, an island founded sometime in the late 19th century for coal mining. It has Japan’s first large concrete building, and the island housed some thousands of people despite having a small topical footprint. Mitsubishi bought the island and expanded it by pouring concrete to extend the island. After fossil fuels became the main fuel source and coal was no longer needed, the island was abandoned to the elements, and shattered windows, old chairs, washing machines, school materials, appliances, and mementos litter the island being licked by the Western ocean breeze and annual typhoons. Unfortunately the rain and high waves prevent us from landing, but we get a good view of the island from the boat. On the way back to the city I get a little cat nap.
A quick conference and we decide to go back to Fukuoka since not much is happening in Nagasaki. I tell S-chan, who had run off to go to an onsen and massage, that we’re going back and she should come meet us quickly for Yoshinoya. S-chan is one of the most interesting humans I’ve ever met. She grew up on the streets of Shibuya, the leader of a gal circle, and used to do parapara and steal onigiri from conbinis. Eventually someone offered her a job in 109, which she did for a while before becoming a kyaba in Roppongi. She’s an avid supporter of Kim Jung Il, and never leaves a grain of rice in her bowl, but feels no guilt at leaving spendy 特上和牛 on her plate. She’s totally in love with me and likes taking me out to expensive dinners and helicopter rides. We tell her we’re going back to Fukuoka and she says ok, and we part ways.
Halfway back on the bus ride to Fukuoka she says she’s with her cousin, driving to Fukuoka! But, her cousin is shy and can’t hang out with people they don’t know, so the cousin will have to turn around as soon as they get to Fukuoka. I suspect that in reality, she just took a taxi to Fukuoka from Nagasaki to prevent me from gaming like a charai boy for one more day.
She shows up, we wander around and do a night boat cruise while Libido and Scoot game girls. We all check into a love hotel after waiting a bit, and the guys go out to terrorize the city while S-chan and I take a bath and just chill. She wakes up at 7am and takes a taxi back to Nagasaki, and I pass back out.

Monday 5/4

We wake up and check out, put our stuff in a locker and wander around the massive matsuri happening in the Tenjin area. The previous day we had heard of the matsuri from a group of old women who opened us wearing crazy buck-toothed hick masks and yukatas. The conversation went like this:

Me: “まつりはどこでやってますか?”
Old lady: “ドントーク!”
Me: “Dont talk?? あ、ごめんなさい”
Old lady:  “どんとく、どんとく!”

Turns out the name of the festival is Dontoku festival, but I thought she was just being rude after having started the talking to begin with!

Thousands upon thousands of people have come out from all over the prefecture to see the festival. We take it as a good excuse to outfit ourselves with squirt guns to go with the revolvers, and we run around spraying ourselves and everything around us. Nothing was going to get in between us, with our cowboy hats, squirt guns, and belt buckles, and the women of Fukuoka, especially not our belt buckles! We bust into sets, eat lots of meat skewers and festival food, and take a nap in the park. Night falls and we’re still sarging the area dutifully. I try to pull two young chicks by myself back to a hotel, but they dont end up coming the whole way, and I agree to meet up with them later after their dinner plans. Libido takes off to meet the kyaba girl he pulled back to the hotel room earlier in the trip. He ends up having dinner with her, taking her back to the hotel, working through the LMR and banging her. She was hot!
Meanwhile Scoot and I were terrorizing the station area. Scoot follows one girl all the way back to her house, only to discover she lives with her parents and he can’t come in. We imagine a conversation with her parents: “I’ve brought your girl back home unmolested…….. despite my best efforts”
Back in Tenjin, I see one girl going up the escalator to the train with a suitcase. I open her commenting about a sticker on her bag, and she stops in her tracks a few steps outside the ticket gates. I find out she’s just arrived back home from Fukuoka after a trip to Tokyo. I divert her to a nearby park where we talk, hang out, and have a drink. I tell her I’m tired of sleeping in hammocks and I want to find a hotel, but since they’re all booked it’s gotta be a love hotel! She comes with me into the hotel and up into the room.
We hang out a bit, I show her a tiny portable projector of Scoots’ that I was carrying around, and we check out the various amenities of the hotel. After a while, I escalate on her, and she gives many of the standard resistance lines. Things like “彼氏じゃないとだめ”  and “会ったばっかり!”  In these situations it’s often useful to empathize a bit with her while still pursuing your agenda. She gets an “out” if she wants to leave but also an “in” if she likes you.

After some of this kind of reassuring, and gentle escalation to the point she got horny and I could slip a finger in, the resistance vanished totally. I slipped on a condom and took her there.
After sex, we hung out a bit and took a bath in the massive tub. We talked a little more about her life and values, then we went to sleep. I had planned on meeting back up with Libido, who was still out like a soldier after sending his kyaba home, but seeing as I made this girl miss her last train, and she had a suitcase, I wasn’t about to just kick her out. Plus, I was tired as well and decided to sleep the couple hours before my flight.
In the morning, I had planned to spirit off without disturbing her, but the door wouldn’t unlock unless you call the front desk. The desk made me put the girl on the phone, so I had to wake her and she had to let them know she was still in the room and she knew I was leaving. I took off, and met Libido in the lobby and, bleary eyed but satisfied we made our return to the Big Mikan.
I wish I had spent more time gaming the 1-5am time slot around the Nakasu area when the kyaba are getting off work. Both Thursday (twice) and Monday night I had already pulled by that time. Thursday I slept at midnight and the girl left, but if I had mustered up a second wind it’s easy to imagine the crazy extra adventures we could have had. Friday night we spent a lot of time in the club and with the two-set, which was cool but next time if I go I might even skip the club and just stick to the streets where the sexy kyabas were walking around. But, in the end, 7 SNLs in the three days of actual gaming (excluding the two I was with S-chan) made for an absurd, if very tiring trip!
In general Fukuoka is nuts. While the girls weren’t particularly hotter or even easier per se than Tokyo girls, I think they’re just not as over-stimulated and far more plentiful in comparison. Its slightly easier to get into the set, and they’re a little bit more responsive. Plus, there are fewer “ghost walkers” as Scoot calls everybody who isn’t an attractive lady. No touts, catches, nampa dudes, or hosts in the streets means the girls are harassed less regularly, and are at least slightly more open to being picked up. And theres LOADS of kyaba wandering around with sexy blonde mori-mori hair, stilettos, brand bags and miniskirts. I’d highly recommend going outside of Tokyo to game and checking out some of the other areas, cities, and inaka!

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