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Attraction Japan Bootcamp - The Ultimate Live Training Pickup Course

If you’re looking to increase the quality of your dating life, a bootcamp is the single best investment on your life you can ever make. Get ready to kick-start your progress to levels you never imagined possible. Take control of your life.

Success in pickup (and in life as well) comes from two basic fundamentals: right action and feedback. Without both, you cannot succeed. On the bootcamp, we emphasize right action, and we provide instant feedback and corrections.

1. Right Action


Right action is the guiding light, the beginning and end of your journey. The more concrete, direct steps you take towards your goals and desires, the more you will attain them. Right action means leaving your house and getting socializing. Right action means moving your feet and talking to that girl you like. Right action means taking the next step on your journey to success.

2. Feedback


Feedback is the counter-balance to right action. On a bootcamp, instructors will be providing you with real-time feedback and technical changes and direction that you can apply immediately. In addition to a kick in the ass of right action, we’ll make sure your approaches are razor-sharp and effective. We will target your weak points until they become your strengths.

Do you want to take the most important step on the path to success with women? 



Sinapse’s Story

I never got anything when I first came to Japan. Nothing. No dates, no lays. I was tired of cleaning up other people’s scraps and accepting only what was given to me or what fell into my lap through social circle or when (very rarely) girls would come up to me and say hi. Even in these cases, I was dropping the ball at the last minute and leaving dates frustrated and alone. I heard about Dorian Gray’s bootcamp through the now-defunt JapanLair, and decided to take the plunge. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I didn’t even have the budget for it. I ate nothing but rice balls and udon for an entire month to afford it.

But when the weekend finally came around, I knew I had made the right decision. That weekend ended up altering the course of my life forever.



Dorian Gray broke down precisely the best way to approach girls in street, bars, and clubs. He went over the fundamentals, from mindset to body language, voice tone, and eye contact. He discussed the subtle changes you can make and implement immediately to double or triple the success you’re having right now, and then keep improving long after that… He expanded my mind to the point where I realized that I could achieve everything he did, and even more if I simply dedicated myself to the path.

The first step to success is believing success is even possible.



On my bootcamp I met the most amazing girl. She was a model, rich, and everything I thought I wanted. We got into a relationship after the bootcamp and I didn’t hang out with any of my old wings or message Dorian. But after she dumped me, I realized I had unfinished business with pickup. It was then that I really doubled down and devoted thousands of hours to this practice. I followed Dorians’ advice and forged my own unique and new group. I took the foundation that Dorian set for me and made everything more efficient. I found the best way to teach new guys to do exactly what I did – shave years off my learning curve.

I finally attained the romantic life of my dreams: sex with HOT young Japanese women, any day I want it, any way I want it. I can walk up to any girl on the street, and there’s a solid chance she could end up in my bed by the end of that day.

Then, something amazing happened. Dorian Gray and I teamed up. With our original material and combined MASSIVE expertise in the field, both pulling girls and teaching all variety of guys how to do the same,we can shave years off your learning curve.

There might never be a collaboration this effective and powerful ever again! With the combined expertise of the two foremost experts on picking up Japanese women in the world, you too can learn how to improve your own approach and reach levels you’d never thought imaginable.

Other pickup companies charge up to $3,500 for inferior, less-culturally specific products. Our bootcamp is the most specifically tailored to Japanese women, and we are the industry leader in Japan. The reviews speak for themselves.

 I’m super excited to announce:

The Attraction Japan Bootcamp w/ Sinapse and Dorian Gray

The details:

How Much: 100,000 JPY

Attendees: Limited to five (5) participants.

Full-Weekend Schedule

Friday, 8:00 PM – 3:00 AM

Intro lecture, club game lecture, in-field club

Saturday, 11:00 AM – 3:00 AM

Reflection, Q+A, street lecture, in-field street, bar, club session

Sunday, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Reflection, Q+A, fashion and culture lecture, texting/dates lecture, advanced street lecture, in-field street session



We meet in Roppongi, introduce all students and instructors, and discuss the general goals and overall outlook of the weekend. We briefly go into your history in Japan and with women, before charging into the fundamental materials and mindset you need to know to develop core confidence and build attraction with Japanese women. We go over right action, peak state, 3-year-old boy theory, Dad frame, how to handle rejection, and how to play to win, setting the groundwork for the rest of the weekend.

We move into specifics about the club environment and night game, from how to open and be physical, voice tone and body language, how to engage mixed sets and groups, and how to easily retain attraction and pull girls out of the club to your house or a hotel.

We then head to a more foreigner-friendly club where we’ll be instructing you, winging you, and giving you instant feedback inside the club. In some cases, we’ll even be helping you pull directly back to a house or hotel with your girl.




On Saturday we meet at 1pm in Shinjuku, where we break down and recap the previous night over lunch. We discuss all the lessons learned and things to improve upon going forward before shifting over to this day’s topic: daygame. We demolish all the curious Western PUA tactics designed for a totally different culture (spoiler alert: they don’t work!!) and instead apply direct nanpa technique developed and perfected here in Japan with brutal efficiency. We go over the 7-step street approach model, aura theory, energy synching, vibing, cutting deeper, and the two-path endgame. We share our experiences with the best ways to pull Japanese girls home that day.

We head out into the streets of Shinjuku and throw ourselves into one of (if not THE) highest concentration of HOT girls in the WORLD. With constant drills and feedback, you’ll always have something to try out or tweak in your next approach, and you’ll see dramatic improvements over the course of the day.

We break the day down over dinner and go over bar game before heading to a bar. Compared to street, the bar will now feel like a kiddie pool – nice, warm, and easy, almost as if you’ve been training with weights around your ankles and finally take them off. We keep going until last train time at 12 midnight and hit up the last-train rush for some mini-beast mode.




Sunday we meet bright at early at 8:30 am for breakfast in Harajuku. We go over lessons from the previous day, and boil everything down to the fundamentals once again bringing it all together. We then head into our topic for the day – culture and fashion, where we highlight how failure to understand this crucial aspect severely cripples your ability to relate to Japanese girls. Giving you the tools you need to understand the many types of Japanese girls and how to best interact with and cold read each one, we then set you free into praxis on the bright and sunny streets of Harajuku and Omotesando. Generally by Sunday afternoon, students will feel tired but comparatively englightened, and their approaches will go longer and be better than the previous day. Many students meet girls they will end up dating, sometimes long-term, on this day. As always, we give constant feedback on approaches we see, and give you little techniques or mini-games and activities to try out on your next approach, keeping you razor-sharp and improving new areas of your game.

Over late lunch at around 3pm, we breakdown the previous approaches and go over the best way and times to send the first message after getting a contact, and how to invite girls out on dates most effectively. We head back out for the final push of the day: beast mode.

After beast mode, we break down the whole weekend and give our final thoughts on your progress and the future goals and steps you need to take to continue to improve on your journey to success with women. We finish up the bootcamp at around 6pm.

Dorian Gray is the inventor of monologuing, peak state, cutting deeper, aura theory and other concepts and techniques that have now become ubiquitous in the Japanese game scene. Over the years he has taught bootcamps and held seminars for over a hundred students, always with an emphasis on direct, unapologetic action paired with an awareness of cultural context. His unique understanding of social relations and unparallelled level of experience with all kinds of Japanese girls allow him to tackle any situation and convey exactly what YOU need to get with the women you want, regardless of your level of Japanese language skill. Any way you slice it, Dorian Gray is one of the great forefathers of Japan game, and a hyper-effective teacher.

Over the years I’ve honed my own philosophy of game that draws on diverse sources ranging from Japanese street nanpa to performance art and Situationism. I have gamed with some of the sharpest Japanese nanpa masters in the country and have spent an absurd amount of time talking to girls on the street and in bars, clubs and shops. I don’t just want normal girls, I want STUPIDLY HOT ones! And these are the girls I approach time and time again. I have extensive knowledge of Japanese language, culture and fashion that allows me to relate to shop assistants, gyaru, and other girls that foreigners are almost never seen with. And I want to give that knowledge to you! The material I will teach you gets fast, dramatic results and, just as importantly, will allow you to understand how J-girls think in a way you never thought possible. Not just generic “pick-up” information, this is original, culturally-specific advice distilled from years in the field.
Dorian Gray

Sinapse has proven himself to be the most motivated and consistent, not to mention popular and influential, Japan-based gamer of recent times. Combining an emphasis on self-improvement with anembrace of chaos and a remarkable ability to adapt to the unforeseen, he has an unrivalled mastery of fast pulls, group dynamics and J-girl psychology. He has earned near-universal respect for the breadth and variety of his women, and for his unfailingly high success rate – the result of a strong passion and unflagging motivation. Seeking always to push things further, he strives not only for the hot girls everyone wants, but for “N+1” girls – the amazing relationships and situations most gamers wouldn’t think possible.

Following my high school days as a hyper chode with perhaps 4 friends, I decided I wanted to become more social and extroverted. In college I first read The Game and a bunch of other material, but didn’t really get into hardcore street, bar, and club game until coming to Japan. Since tasting the forbidden fruit,  I’ve been on the streets, bars, and clubs every week without fail rabidly talking to and banging the hottest girls in Japan. I’ve honed the best techniques from traditional game as well my personal favorite – chaos game. Recently I’ve been working away at advanced techniques to shave even more time off the learning curve. Ten years ago, I never imagined it was possible to bang the girls of my dreams, and now I’m out here doing it in record time – and so can you! Now I’m here for the first time teaming up with DG to bring you the most efficient, volatile, and razor-sharp techniques to slice through ice queen’s shields and penetrate their inner worlds.

Teaming up now, we want to give you the benefit of their combined years of knowledge and experience!

So if you are:

-> wanting hotter, higher value women in your life

-> wanting more success with women

-> anywhere from a beginner to someone with experience looking to take it to the next level, and looking for highly personalized coaching and feedback

-> ready to pick up serious game skills and learn Japan-specific information that will allow you to approach and successfully interact with hot girls any time and any place

-> keen to improve your day game/street skills and pull the hottest girls in broad daylight

…then this Bootcamp is for you!

All game will take place within the central Tokyo area, or roughly, within range of the Yamanote line. If you’re coming from out of town, we can advise you on accommodation.

Fashion Profiles and Target Analysis

Learn everything you need to know about a J-girl at one glance: how her clothes and appearance reveal who she is and what kind of approaches she’ll respond to. Detailed subcultural and demographic information. You’ll learn how to be the man she wants her friends to see her with. This is information that NO other instructors have seriously addressed in the Japanese market.

Peak State and Mindset

How to get yourself into a positive, focused, outgoing mindset at any time, even when alone. You’ll learn how to win girls over and relate to them in the way they want, even stone cold ice queens. We’ll show you how to become impervious to blowouts and demolish the concept of “approach anxiety.”

Street Approaches and Day Game

The hottest girls are often found walking around in broad daylight. Learn to pull them right then and there! How to talk to girls naturally in public, even moving targets and busy girls. We have years of experience in pulling from the street and will show you how to win over total strangers. This includes the concepts of MONOLOGUING and AURA CONTROL which we invented and pioneered in the field.

Clubs and Night Game

How to get girls away from their friends at clubs, pull them outside and bang them! Having trouble with the girls’ friends cockblocking you? Not sure how to deal with “my things are in the locker”? Learn the club game tactics you need to pull fast SNLs!

Japanese Game

Worried that language proficiency and cultural nuances are preventing you from getting the hottest J-girls? We’ll give you the skills and knowledge needed to compete with J-guys and beat them at their own game! Learn how to relate to super-hot, popular J-girls in a way NO other foreigners are doing. Separate yourself from the rest and make the girls you bang the envy of all their friends for being with you.

Cutting Deeper

Tired of superficial interactions? Break out of the pattern and get personal from the start! Hook girls with authenticity and honest expression.

Text Game

How to convert more contact closes into dates with effective Line and email game. Spike their interest, seed their curiosity, offer value and dangle the hooks that make them wanting to see you again and again.

Personalized In-Field Coaching and Debrief

We’ll focus on your individual needs and specific areas for improvement and give you targeted personalized coaching. We will be able to identify areas for improvement from observing you in-set and give you fast feedback, which you can immediately incorporate into the next set; this accelerates the learning process.

Through all this, the focus hasn’t changed: the main goal is to give you culture-specific, deep-core information that you won’t get anywhere else – how to talk to Japanese girls on a real-life level, relate to them, build attraction, fuck them and form relationships. And then do the same with their hot friends. The focus isn’t on any one type of hot girl; rather we will teach you how to identify the kind of girls you really want and then tailor your approach to getting with them! We are not aiming for numbers or nebulous “self-improvement,” we are aiming to kick you up into your true potential where you belong.

DG I would say is the strongest real-life PUA I have ever witnessed in action…it completely transformed the way I view game and makes me want to push all future sets to the edge. F1

Quick summary: If you want to get laid in Japan, not just during the bootcamp but for the rest of your life, this bootcamp is without question THE best option. There is just no question about it. It just makes absolutely no sense NOT to take it. The amount of time and energy you will otherwise needlessly waste doing either the wrong thing or less efficient thing makes it an absolute no-brainer. Scoot

Sinapse is just fearless and does things no one thought was imaginable. I have literally seen this guy pull some of the hottest Japanese girls in front me. Sinapse is top tier at ALL aspects of Japanese game! TokyoTerp

a life changing experience JayjaeJ

I’m presently seeing two models, who it just so happens are the hottest and best in bed I can remember. Great sex with super hotness 4 or 5 days a week. So I guess you could say things are looking up since I took DG’s boot camp just a few months ago. Silver Tongue

The bootcamp definitely took my game to another level. I spent the rest of my week dating some of the hottest women I have ever seen. I learned how to control my energy, state and calibration for different girls. Lack of fluent Japanese didn’t matter, girls still wanted to meet and spend hours with me. Shard

I personally believe they are the strongest duo of gamers to grace the stage at ANY point of Jlair so even those who have taken a BC might want to consider it as well! Goshujin



Send your responses to the following questions to me:

(1) Why do you want to take the bootcamp?

(2) On a scale of one to ten, with one being the lowest and ten being the highest, how badly do you want to have frequent and amazing sex with the hottest girls in the country and then make awesome relationships with them?

Are you ready to change your life? Send an email to: [email protected] to learn more today.


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