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Be Allergic to Negativity

Allergic to Negativity

Walking the path, you will come across TONS of negativity. You’ll find it in girls you open, guys around you, and most insidiously, within yourself. It’s important as you walk the path to become increasingly aware of negativity, while simultaneously not being affected by it. Negativity washes over you like a wave crashing on a beachhead. It flies through you like wind through a tunnel. When there is no ego for the negativity to attach to, it can find no home within you, and is forced to move through you.


When you have an allergy, you might get angry at the symptoms – and sure, they are annoying. But the only way to improve your condition is to remove yourself from the irritant – usually by removing yourself from the environment.


Of course, in pickup, negative reactions can be common at the beginning of the interaction. A girl might tell you to go away or say something negative about your appearance to throw you off. She might say “You smell bad” or “You’re too old.” But the reason she does this is to weed out the sincere suitors from the ones who can’t handle a little bit of adversity. The guys without a strong, assured sense of self will fade out and only the ones who are confident in themselves and full of self-love will remain. Giving up too soon is a newbie mistake in pickup, one which you want to avoid. However, once you are comfortable persisting in sets and have a few girls hanging around you, you start to realize that sometimes there is deep-seated negativity within them. Insecurity, nay-saying, and general discomfort with new experiences are a few of the manifestations.


Being allergic to negativity means you choose to surround yourself with people who all have a positive, progress-focused outlook on life in every way. They try to make themselves better, and don’t merely settle, whether it’s about money, career, girls, travel, or anything else. The people you see the most reflect the most back onto yourself, so if you surround yourself with negative people or have no barriers in your life to negativity, you will find yourself becoming more and more negative, which in turn attracts more negativity and hardship to your life. It’s important when you see this in other people to create boundaries.


Nowadays, when a guy or girl is chronically negative, I get a deep visceral feeling that tells me to not be around that. I’ll move to another area of the bar if I’ve just met them, or purposefully not reach out to them if I’ve known them longer. These people are slowly faded out of my life until positivity surrounds me, and the effects are powerful. When everybody in your circle is positively focused and constantly trying to improve, the effects multiply exponentially.

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